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Green Service

CleanPowerSF Green ShieldWhat’s the easiest way you can receive cleaner, more renewable energy? Sit back and relax.

CleanPowerSF will be automatically enrolling all eligible San Francisco electricity customers in CleanPowerSF’s Green service by neighborhood through 2019. As a CleanPowerSF Green customer, your rates will remain competitive with PG&E's basic generation rates.

Competitive Rates + Same Service, Just Cleaner Energy

Once you are automatically enrolled as a CleanPowerSF Green customer, the only thing that changes is that you’ll receive cleaner energy at competitive rates. PG&E continues to deliver your electricity, maintain the power grid and respond to outages. PG&E also continues to send your monthly bill (with CleanPowerSF charges replacing certain PG&E charges). If you receive a low-income discount on your electricity bill (CARE/FERA), that discount continues. You can easily compare our latest rates with PG&E's generation rates on our Rates page.

How Green is GREEN?

CleanPowerSF’s Green service contains at least 40% renewable energy that meets California’s strict Renewable Portfolio Standards. Our Green service is cleaner than PG&E’s current energy supply (which is about 33% renewable*). The renewable component of CleanPowerSF Green energy will come primarily from local wind and solar facilities in the Bay Area.

Change Begins with You!
While automatic enrollment in CleanPowerSF’s Green service is occurring in phases across San Francisco through 2019, there's no need to wait for cleaner energy. Sign-up for early enrollment today!

Ready to Step-Up to 100% Renewable Energy? Check-out CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen option.

* Cited from PG&E's 2016 Power Content Label.

Last updated: 5/15/2018 3:31:49 PM